Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Pain..

Okay, so lately I have kinda failed, but also had some victories at the same time. I feel like doing anything is a chore, even moving, because I am still in severe pain from my c-section. I have been told this isn’t normal, beings I’m 4 weeks post-partum, but I am just sucking it up until my 6 week appointment [April 15th], and then I will bring it up if it’s still bad. I still have some pain meds left, but when I’m out of these I know I won’t be able to get a refill, so hoping they last that long, because the Ibuprofen they gave me along with the pain meds don’t touch the pain..

I have been 90% sticking to the meal plans. April 1st my mom decided to have a cookout, so instead of our planned dinner we had that. On the 2nd, she offered to bring us home food from where she was, so instead of the planned dinner, we had that. For today we switched Thursday’s lunch with today’s because it’s what William is in the mood for, however it will not cost more money, so that is fine. I am really trying to work on budgeting. I want my credit score to go up, I was accepted for my first credit card and right now I am working on charging very little to it, and paying it off on time.

However, since I can’t go back to work until April 18th, almost all grocery’s are going on it. However I have enough saved for minimum payment, and my first paycheck will be going to paying it off. Trust me, the last thing I want is a bad credit rate, I see how it effects the rest of my family. I plan on doing this right.

Also, I agreed as part of Choose Your Own Challenge that I would drink 64 oz of water everyday in April. So far so good! As part of my own goals I decided to try to introduce working out into my life, even though I was unfit before my c-section, and with the pain of the c-section it is definitely not easy. I found this on Pinterest (my newfound addiction thanks to Chibi Jeebs):


I have done Day 1 & 2, and while it left me mildly breathless, showing me exactly how out of shape I really am, it has also left me feeling very proud of myself. There is also a Level 1, 2, and 3, which I will post when I get to them. I have been having to do the work-outs outside, which isn’t fun with the cold ground and crunches, but I will live. I think after Day 20 I will do a “physical fitness” type thing. Amazingly William is 100% supportive about everything. He is drinking 64 oz of water with me, despite him really not liking water, and he is doing the workouts with me. That, however, is for his own reasons. When we got together he was very fit, but he got off track when we moved in with my parents, and has gained quite a bit of weight, and lost most of the muscle he had, so he wants to get it back.. However, the starters ones are leaving him almost as breathless as me, so it’s good he’s starting out small Winking smile. Oh and a question, what exactly are leg lifts? I am not quite to those, but I have realized I have no idea what they are. I have ideas, but am unsure, may have to google but figured I’d enlist in my trusty followers first..

Now, I should be sleeping, but after a stressful night with Demetri I am staying up to unwind a little bit, and the first step was blogging Smile

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  1. Woo hoo! Go, you! :) And while I know it's easier said than done, try not to be TOO hard on yourself - read the notes at the bottom of that picture. From what I've heard, C-sections are not to be taken lightly! Listen to your body, okay?

    I thought leg lifts were done laying on your side and lifting the upper leg, but Google shows something completely different. O_O