Monday, February 7, 2011

43 hours down..

105 to go.


It has been… an experience. I honestly don’t see a lot of difference, except when I go out somewhere, or when I just go to get a drink in general, I have to make a conscious decision instead of just grabbing.


Today for example; we went to Wal Mart and was going to run through drive-thru on the way home. We wanted to grab drinks at Wal Mart; and I grabbed a diet coke. However, then William mentioned to me what I grabbed; so I put it back =)

Lately we have been working on getting the room ready for Demetri to come;  26 days left till my due date.

Getting close; eh? We are super excited, and these weekly doctors appointments actually excite me because I can see how everything is progressing. So far baby is in position; but no dilation; At 38 weeks or so will begin walking more and doing natural labor inducers.

48 more hours left for comments on my challenge. So far at 9.5 days; so only 7.5 more to go. Add some more to make my challenge harder!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Okay folks, it’s time for this blog’s first challenge. That’s right, you guys challenge me. First some backstory:
When I first got pregnant I said I would cut back on caffeine, easier said then done. Especially when I realized I am truly addicted to caffeine. Start shaking, can’t function without, addicted. So before long, these were reintroduced into my life. Yes, diet cokes, one of the worst types of soda. A few months later I began having contractions, super early. We got that under control, but last week I was reading something that says “women who drink more than 4 DIET sodas a day during pregnancy are 80% more likely to have premature children” Uh, 4? I have like 6 + a day. That may explain why I’m at risk for premature labor. Not completely, but I’m sure it didn’t help.
Now, I am due in 5 weeks, and still have not kicked the caffeine habit, that is where you guys come in.
For every /real/ comment I get on this post I will go 6 hours without diet soda. No limit of how many per person, but they must be real comments, such as words of encouragement, recipes, or anything really as long as it is not just random letters. I have few readers on this blog, but plan on asking my amazing friend, Matthew, to help get this post some publicity, because I am hoping for one week without soda. Also, everyday without soda I will post how I feel, and what I drank to replace it.

Edit: I almost forgot to add; I will begin the no-soda challenge Sunday; February 6th,at midnight. However, comments are not closed until Wednesday, February 16th.