Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blog Purposes

As many of you know, or as I have mentioned before, this blog isn’t just about weightloss, or about health in general, it is about a lot of stuff. Over the next couple of months I hope you guys follow me in my quest to:

  • Get myself out of the little debt I am in.
  • Save up at least 3 months worth of bill money.
  • Learn about my son, and how to raise him to be healthy and happy.
  • Learn about my own mental health, and do what I need to do.
  • Start taking care of myself, mentally, and physically.
  • Help get William out of his major debt, and pay off his court fines [he will be paying for most of this, but having it done with will help us develop our emergency fund, etc. so I will be helping]
  • Much, much more.

I have a lot of goals, and I know they will take a while, so am going to start focusing on 3 at a time. Just 3. If I can focus on 3 then I can do much, much more. Here are my first 3:

  1. Pay $50 to T-mobile
  2. Make a doctor’s appointment with my OB, to get the continuous bleeding checked out.
  3. Have my inhaler refilled. Have been having mild panic attacks again, and can’t afford to run out of /that/ anytime soon.

These seem like doable goals. As I finish one, I will add another. I will try to update these goals weekly. As you can see there are no weightloss related ones, as I am still working on what I want to do in that aspect. I almost want to start medifast, I see how well it worked for Lynn, however I know it won’t work for everyone, and results vary per person. I also kinda wanna try weightwatchers, or maybe some Zumba, I will decide, eventually. But for now, one thing at a time for a healthier, happier me.

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