Sunday, March 27, 2011

April’s Plan of Attack

As many of you know on March 5th I gave birth to my first child, Demetri. After a week or two at home, as I began to heal, and the swelling from the fluids at the hospital went down, I immediately lost the pregnancy weight. Well, I didn’t gain during pregnancy, so I lost the baby weight. I was down to 198, which is the lowest I have been in over 5 years, and I was super excited. However, in the past week I threw most of the work away, and am up to 202, which is still low for me. My normal weight is between 215-220. However, it still upset me, because I never wanted to see a 2 behind my weight again. However, I am not going to worry about it for the rest of March, I am not going to eat horribly, but am not going to obsess over the number. In April, my plan begins.


The plan:

  • 64+ oz of water everyday
  • Stick to meal plans. These are not calorie counted, but are better than sporadically eating, and eating things like donuts and cookies and potato chips.
  • Start introducing physical activity in, without overdoing it.

These seem very doable. I am unsure how to introduce physical activity in, as I am still not supposed to lift more than the weight of Demetri, and am supposed to try not to “overdo” things, however I am unsure what overdoing it is. I know walking around Wal Mart is enough to put me in excruciating pain, however I want to be able to take walks, so am wondering if the pain is just something I will have to deal with. Maybe just a walk a day, but then I have to be sure I have someone with me.


Last week I had a WIC appointment, and was informed that my iron was low, they also gave me my blood pressure numbers, which as a CNA I know was low. My iron was 8, and my blood pressure was 92/70. For these reasons I have felt overtired, and over stressed, not an ideal combination for a new mom whom is tired and stressed enough. Have been taking vitamins for this, but so far no change in how I feel. Am just taking Flintstone Vitamins (I’m a puss, and it has an adult dosage!), any other pills I should be taking to help with iron/overall fatigue?

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  1. Oof on the wee gain and yikes on the BP. BUT! You've got a great plan that's totally doable: you can SO do this! <3