Friday, January 14, 2011

Okay..Here goes

A real blog post is way overdue, so here is my attempt to actually write, something I have had little motivation for lately.

So what’s been going on with me?

  • I started a new semester after finishing last with decent, but worse than planned grades.
  • I am now 33 weeks pregnant. Wow.
  • I worked solely as a manager at BK for awhile, and now I am back to manager/crew, and am getting shit hours. Though I am okay with this, because it means I can keep working and not have to go on maternity leave.

This is about it…Honestly it is. I have been keeping up on reading blogs, you know I couldn’t quit doing that, but as far as motivation it’s just been lacking. In every aspect of life, honestly. I feel tired, all the time, and I never want to get out of bed. I force myself out of bed for school, but I have no morning routine, and I need one. If nothing else to prepare for motherhood. I have none. If I feel like showering, I do, if not I just do it when I get home. If I feel like eating breakfast, I will, if not oh well, I will pick up a candy bar from the bookstore when my stomach starts getting upset. And if I simply don’t want to crawl out of bed until time to leave, I don’t. This is not good behavior for somebody who will be a mother in less than 2 months.

However, the first step in any process is admitting that you need to change. I need to change, majorly. When I give birth I want to be able to have a ready routine, I don’t want to go crazy because I’m lost and still trying to find myself while raising Demetri to be a healthy boy. I want to get used to eating healthy for myself, so that when he begins to grow older it’s easier to get him to eat healthier with me. I don’t want to have to hide vegetables in his foods, I want him to think it’s normal to eat veggies.


Wow, when I began this post I had no motivation to write, yet now it’s all coming out, and it is a decent sized post, however I feel like I’m falling asleep, and need to get off and eat. Maybe another post later tonight, or tomorrow? Boy I hope so.

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  1. hey hon...not only should you have a good breakfast for the baby....but whatever you don't feed the baby, the baby will take from you...including stripping will bypass you and go straight to the baby. Thus causing bone density problems later in life. maybe when you are feeling up to it you could boil some eggs and grab a bag of apples. If nothing else you would have hard boiled eggs and apples...also string cheese (lowfat) is a good choice. milk and ovaltine if you have a chocolate craving. oatmeal with walnuts for fiber and good fats with brown sugar is tasty. All good food and pretty cheap. Hang in there. Sounds like you have your hands full. You can do it.