Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ended up going to ER again [for the last time] yesterday, the pain was unbearable and I needed a note to be able to miss work. Well, while the RN was mildly bitchy, it wasn’t anything unbearable, lol. I went to the hospital where the OB I am transferring to works, and I finally feel like I’m in hands of someone who at least will look at the pain.

Now they are pretty sure it is not contractions, nor a UTI. Both conclusions were came up with because the other doctor simply did not want to do tests to rule them out, and he wanted to put me at ease with an answer. Most likely they are just plain pregnancy pains, just a bit intense for me being my first pregnancy, and the fact that I’m overweight to begin with. However, he wants to take a closer look to be 100% sure, and I am to be on mild bed rest for a week. I love my job, and do not want bed rest, nor do I want to lose my job over anything that goes on, but the break can bring nothing but good things for me and baby. Financially I will have to be more careful over the next couple of weeks, but there are times when me, and my unborn child, have to come before my job.

Now, I am playing Sims and relaxing before bed, just wanted to update on what is going on.


Oh, also, expect a giveaway on this blog shortly =)

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  1. Good for you for putting you and the Baby First! Your job knows how dedicated you are I'm sure they'll understand.
    Also, I have a giveaway going on right now :)